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Why You Should Have Your Mattress Professionally Cleaned

Most people wash and change their sheets regularly but neglect to clean the mattress itself. However, even with regular bedding swaps and mattress protectors, your mattress may contain more dust and dirt than any other part of your house.

These can seriously affect the air quality in your bedroom and the rest of your home.

Your Mattress Contains More Than Dust
In addition to accumulated dust and dirt, your mattress contains millions and millions of dust mites, microscopic organisms that feed on your skin cells. The mites themselves are generally harmless. However, it’s estimated that one-third of the world’s population is allergic to the mites and their excrement. The symptoms of these allergies can resemble mild hay fever or be as severe as asthma. Regularly having your mattress cleaned will make sure the surface you spend your nights on is clean. It’ll also improve the air quality in your bedroom, which will allow you to sleep more soundly.

How to Clean Your Mattress
It’s good practice to vacuum your mattress every time you change your bedding to keep dust under control. However, this isn’t enough to thoroughly clean it. For that, you need to get a professional involved.

When to Have Your Mattress Professionally Cleaned
Generally, everyone should have their mattress professionally cleaned at least once a year. However, there are certain situations that warrant the service more than others, including the following:

  • You’ve purchased a used mattress
  • You’re moving into a furnished home
  • Your allergies are affecting your sleep quality
  • You’ve noticed bug bites or bed bugs
  • Your mattress is stained or smells bad

The Benefits of Professional Mattress Cleaning
We take our mattress cleaning service seriously at Pointe-Claire Carpet Cleaning. We’ll thoroughly clean your mattress, disinfect it and make sure every dust mite is gone. You’ll breathe easier and sleep more soundly knowing your bed is sanitary and free of contaminants.

Total Bedroom Hygiene
To make sure the air in your bedroom is as healthy as it should be, it’s important to practice good bedroom hygiene. Wash your bedding once a week, keep the floors clean and dust all the surfaces regularly. And if you have carpeting or a rug in your bedroom, make sure to have it professionally deep cleaned once or twice a year.

Mattress Cleaning On the West Island
If you think your mattress is affecting the air quality and your sleep, (or you’re not even sure when the last time you cleaned it was!) then it’s time to get it cleaned. Call Pointe-Claire Carpet Cleaning today to schedule your professional mattress cleaning service or to get a free quote!



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