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Suffering from Allergies or Asthma? You Can Improve Your Home’s Indoor Air Quality!

Poor indoor air quality has been directly linked to both short-term and long-term health problems.

Since most of us tend to spend a lot of time in our home, it’s crucial that you ensure the air you and your family breathe is as clean and pollutant-free as possible. In today’s blog, we explain what you need to know about improving the air quality inside your home. 

Sources of Indoor Air Pollution

The cause of poor indoor air quality is typically the accumulation of various contaminants. Common sources of contaminants include cleaning products, building materials, mould, dust, pet hair and volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

VOCs are common combustion by-products, such as those derived from cigarette smoking, fireplace use and burning incense. They can also emanate from cleaning products, solvents, bug repellants and a host of other household products.

High humidity and water damage that isn’t dealt with quickly can also cause mould to grow. This can negatively impact air quality and cause some very serious health issues. 

Common Health Effects of Poor Air Quality 

People affected by asthma and allergies are highly sensitive to dust and animal hair, which means poor indoor air quality is likely to make these conditions even worse! They’re also more sensitive to VOCs, although these are likely to affect anyone. 

Short-term exposure to VOCs can result in:
• Eye and respiratory irritation
• Headaches
• Dizziness
• Visual problems
• Memory problems

Long-term exposure can result in:
• Severe eye and respiratory irritation
• Nausea
• Fatigue
• Co-ordination problems
• Insomnia
• Liver, kidney and nervous system damage
• Cancer

Tackle Air Quality Head On!

Your first step should be to keep your home free of allergens. Pet residues or debris can have a foul odour and can make allergy symptoms worse. Making sure that their messes or dander are fully removed and fully disinfected will often require professional attention. Even though it may look clean on the surface, these allergens often seep very deep into fabrics and can’t be reached without the proper equipment.

If you have wall-to-wall carpets, don’t panic. While they can, in some cases, make air quality issues worse, they aren’t more dangerous than regular floors, especially if they’re cleaned properly on a regular basis. Scheduling regular carpet cleanings will improve the overall air quality inside your home and make it more comfortable for anyone dealing with allergies or asthma. 

Carpet cleaning: a Health-conscious Choice

Having your carpets and area rugs cleaned by professionals is crucial to ensuring your home is free of harmful particles. In addition, these particles can accumulate in your furniture and upholstery. This includes couches and arm chairs, which you should also be regularly cleaned. Finally, VOCs can also become trapped in mattresses, one of the most-overlooked sources of allergens, dust and old skin calls, so don’t forget to have those cleaned as well!

Professional carpet cleaners on the West Island

If you’re ready to stop sneezing and tackle those allergens and pollutants to improve the air quality of your home, don’t hesitate to call our team of experts! For a professional and thorough carpet or upholstery cleaning, you can trust Pointe-Claire Carpet Cleaning, With over 28 years of experience, we have all the equipment and expertise to meet your needs. You can contact us to learn more about our services including specialized pet odour removal and mattress cleaning! Call us today at 514-693-3232!


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