a couple breaking up after an argument. time to cleanse your space of all reminders!

How to Purify your Home After a Toxic Relationship

Putting an end to a toxic relationship can be difficult but it presents an opportunity to clear both your mental and physical space. Here are some tips for purifying your home after a difficult breakup, whether you’re spiritual, practical or both.

Remove Relationship Reminders 

The first step after a breakup is to declutter your living space and remove everything your ex behind. The space is now yours, and there’s no reason for you to live among their belongings, regardless of how you feel. Grab a box or trash bag and walk through your reclaimed space to gather anything they may have left behind –you don’t need their stuff to linger! A decluttered space will help you declutter your thoughts. Remove any pictures of your former partner and replace them with happy memories of your family, friends or pets! It’ll help you remember that there are people you can turn to for help and support and that you’re not alone.

As you remove unwelcome mementos of your former partner, make note of anything else that has been left to linger. If they smoked cigarettes or used a recognizable cologne, soap, perfume or body lotion, you might still even smell them! Detoxify their very essence from your furniture by contacting professional cleaners offering odour removal services is a good way to get rid of lingering smells in upholstery and carpets

A Clean Home & Peace of Mind

Studies have shown that living in a clean, orderly environment is a good way to improve your mood. 

When trying to purify your home after a toxic relationship, you may be struggling with a confusing mix of emotions. You may be regretful, angry, or sad.

A clean space can help you stay calm and collected. In addition, you’ll remove any lingering toxic traces of the person and reclaim your home. If you lived together in a long-term relationship, you may also want to consider a deep clean of your mattress. Mattresses are often overlooked when performing a deep clean of the home, and they are basically a sponge for allergens, dust, pollutants and even dead skin cells! You’ll be able to rest easier knowing your mattress is a fresh slate free from your ex’s old skin flakes.

Change the Energy of Your Space

Whether you want to clear out the bad vibes from the breakup or your ex’s negative energy, you have a couple of options.

Burning sage and lavender smudge sticks is thought to help remove negative energy. Light the stick and walk with it from room to room, ensuring the smoke creeps into every nook and cranny.

Alternatively, you can use feng shui to re-organize your space and thereby change the energy patterns in your home.

Even if you’re skeptical, the symbolism of burning sage or moving around your furniture might help you turn over a new leaf. There’s nothing like a fresh start in a fresh space to keep you motivated or inspired to embark on a new chapter in your life.

Get Ready to Rebuild

Once you’ve gotten rid of reminders, cleaned up every room and changed the energy in your home, it’s time to reimagine the space. Injecting a few new items into your home can help raise your spirits, and a fresh coat of paint in a bold new colour can entirely transform a room and your outlook!

We’re Here to Help You Through It

Whether you want to get rid of bad smells, detox your home from a bad breakup or simply want to deep-clean your entire space, don’t hesitate to contact us at Pointe-Claire Carpet Cleaning. We offer carpet, couch and area rug cleaning as well as a range of specialized services for the West Island.


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