deep carpet clean with a vacuum on a dusty carpet

What Lies Beneath: 6 Scary Reasons Your Carpet Needs a Deep Clean!

Some people only think about cleaning their carpets when they realize it’s stained or several shades lighter when peeking under their couch. However, even if your carpet doesn’t look dirty, what’s lurking in the fibres is less than clean.

Here are six reasons you should schedule a professional deep clean every six to 12 months.

1. Dust mites. While most carpets don’t attract bugs, there’s still stuff living in there. Dust mites are microscopic organisms that feed on human skin flakes. Millions of Canadians are allergic to these tiny mites, so they could be the cause of your runny nose, itchy eyes and sneezing. A regular deep clean can dramatically improve the air quality of your home and reduce allergy symptoms.

2. Dirt. Even a clean looking carpet can hold a lot of dirt. No matter how hard you try to keep dirt out of your home and off your carpet, some will inevitably get in and imbed itself in the fibres. And, even if you vacuum regularly, some of the dirt will stay in your carpet until it’s professionally cleaned.

3. Pollen. While many people think of pollen as a spring-time issue, it’s in the air almost six months a year. Without a doubt, pollen will get into your home and settle in the carpets within this timeframe. For people with hay fever and other allergies, pollen in your carpet can mean sneezing, itchy eyes and breathing problems all year long.

4. Skin flakes. People shed millions of skin cells every day, and they have to go somewhere. Like dirt, the ones that end up on your carpet won’t all be removed with a weekly vacuuming and the ones that stay will feed the dust mites that are already living there.

5. Pet debris. Accidents aren’t the only way your pet can affect your carpets. Hairballs, tufts of fur, bits of kitty litter and whatever else your dog will track in from his daily walk will all end up in your carpet—especially if Fido has a favourite spot on the carpet that he always likes to relax on. Just because your carpet isn’t visibly dirty doesn’t mean remnants of urine, waste and grime aren’t absorbed deep in the fibres. We recommend vacuuming at least once per week and performing a deep clean at least once per year if not every six months. For more information about managing pet odours and stains, read our previous post! 

6. Bacteria. Research has shown that most carpets have 200,000 bacteria per square inch, making them dirtier than most toilet seats. While most of these are harmless, others (like e. coli and salmonella) can make you and your family very sick. 

Don’t Wait! Schedule a Professional Cleaning Today!

Don’t wait until your carpet is visibly dirty to clean it. It should be professionally cleaned at least once a year to ensure that it isn’t harbouring harmful agents and that you and your family stay healthy. Call us today to schedule a deep clean.


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